We stock an extremely wide range of industrial coatings, catering for the commercial, engineering, furniture and manufacturing industries

Timber Primers-Air and Force Dry Paint lines

We have Alkyd and Waterbased timber primer technology, for air and forced dry paint lines.

This technology is used for the painting of weather and fascia timber boards, we currently supply the New Zealand timber industry with these advanced timber primers.

Please contact us at 0800 PAINT IT or + 64 9 274 5606 and to speak to Alan Beale Or Peter Walters for technical information


Metal Primers – Single and Two Pack

Product ID
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A755 Corroless S1\S3(Single Pack metal Primer)
756-800 Chemopack Black, Blue, Orange Primer(Single Pack metal Primer)  
756-910 Zinc Rich Cold Galv  
756 Steelkote Metal Primer (Single Pack metal primer)  
875 AE12 Etch primer  
875B Protective Etch Primer  
A757 Corroless EP (Two Pack epoxy Primer)  
918-919 Prepkote Grey  
919-810HB Zinc Phos Hi Build (Single Pack metal Primer)  
919 Zinc Phosphate Primer (Single Pack metal Primer)  
919M Machine Primer (Single Pack metal Primer)  
969 Metal Primer (Single Pack metal Primer)  
973 Corrodex  
990-620 F D metal primer Red Oxide(Single Pack metal Primer)  


Alkyd Top Coats

Product ID
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755 Dryfast Enamel  
762 Spraying Enamel  
800 Equipment Enamel  
810 Air Dry Hammerlon Enamel  
840 Cyclamica Enamel  
8300 Duralon Gloss Enamel  


Container Coatings

We have a wide range of container coatings both interior and exterior including a colour range.

Please contact us at 0800 PAINT IT for a technical representative to discuss these specialized coatings with you.


Swimming Pool Paints

Product ID
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0460 Epoxy Pool Finish  
840 – 735 Pool Paint
A674 Swimming Pool Paint


High Temperature and Intumescent Coatings

*Please not that a certificate of compliance (Flame control) can be generated on completion of job,once inspected.

*Ensure correct film thickness is applied this can be checked based on total square meter’s vs. amount of product used.

Product ID
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High Temperature Coatings
650-803 VHS Matt Black  
650 VHS Fireproof Coating  
755-902 Heat Resistant Aluminum  
Flame Control(Intumescent coatings)
D 68 Intumescent Steel Coating  
A889 – 165 Intumescent Timber/MDF sealer  
A888 – 166 Intumescent Timber clear varnish  
A887 – 167 Intumescent Timber clear protection varnish  


Concrete Coatings

Product ID
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460 Epoxy Finish  
A757 Corroless EP  
A793 Corroless RF35  
A790 Corroless RF60  
730-00 Acriseal Clear Coat  
776 Special Concrete Floor Seal  
777-000 Fina Glow Polyurethane Clear Coating  
D29 Modocoat Waterborne Epoxy  
779-000 Polyurethane Concrete Floor Seal  
840-857 Paving Paint  


Furniture Coatings

Product ID
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740 Acrylic lacquer  
930 Customwood Sealer  
932-000 Sanding Sealer  
933-001 Murray’s Oil Seal  
933-002 Wooden Slat Oil  
936 Pre Cat Lacquer  
937 Duo Pack Furniture Lacquer  



Product ID
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0158 2K Filler  
600-860 Lacquer Primer Grey  
777-019 2K Filler  
777 2K Clear Coat  
820-801 L & B Satin Black  
824-800 Automotive Black  
825-800 Automotive Black RFU  
875-2k Etch  



Product ID
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545 Stoving Enamel  
770-291 Duo Pack Anti-Graffiti  
770 Duo Pack Enamel  
824-802 M & P Bitumous Black  
827-800 Coal Tar Epoxy  
828-810 Miox Epoxy  
837-000 Rust Inhibiting Oil  
840-735 Pool Paint  
855-911 Galvanic Mastic  
875-902 Vinyl Alum  
876 Protect Steel  
880 NRB7 Roadmarking  
920 Prime Shield