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Using Syncol Swimming Pool Paint on new and existing Pools

674 Syncol Swimming Pool Paint has been manufactured in NewZealand for many years.This product has a successful and proven track record because it ismanufactured from a chlorinated polymer material which has provento be the most versatile type of paint coating suitable for swimming poolapplication. Swimming pools are one of the most difficult environments to paintproperly…

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Repainting Old Timber Weatherboards

In the 1960s and 70s the preferred finishing system for the exterior of weatherboard homes moved from mineral turpentine thinned oil based paints to water thinned acrylic paints. These two types of paint are very different in their mode of weathering and the preparation required when the time comes to repaint. Oil based paints get…

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Primer, Sealer or Undercoat? What is the Difference?

The paint consumer today is greeted by a confusing array of Primers, Sealers, Undercoats, Primer-Sealers, Primer-Undercoats and even Primer-Sealer-Undercoats. Why the three terms? What is the difference, if any? What should the consumer or tradesman use? SEALERS When applied, sealers are usually, but not always the first coat of paint applied to a substrate, so…

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Dealing with Flaking Paint on a Ceiling

There are a number of possible causes for Paint flaking from a ceiling, but by far the most common one encountered is that there are too many layers of paint on the ceiling. As paint builds up with repeated applications of paint the coating mass becomes increasingly heavy and can end up falling off under…

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How to Prep your Walls for Painting

Wall preparation can make or break the finished result on any surface. Here’s a few tips to help you with your next DIY project. Before prepping a room for painting, protect the furniture and flooring against splattering paint or accidents. A good idea is to remove furniture from the room altogether, if possible. Remember to…

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Handy Painting Checklist

Unsure of what you might need for that next painting project? Read our handy check list before you start.   Drop Sheets Overalls Gloves Masks Filler Filler Knife (Putty Knife) Sandpaper Roller Tray, Roller Handle, Roller Sleeve Extension Pole Paint Brushes Brush & Roller Cleaner Ladder (Step Ladder) Rags Masking Tape  

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Tinting & Cleaning Matt Ceiling Paint

When painting a ceiling you want a bright, dead flat white finish with no side sheen and outstandingcoverage to ensure that any defects or variation in the stopping or plaster finishing of the ceiling are not visible at a low angle illumination. To get the brightest white, the lowest side-sheen and the highest coverage, formulating…

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