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New timbers require adequate sanding to provide an acceptable surface, and a good key for primer coats. Oily timber such as teak requires thorough sanding and degreasing with Transomarine approved solvents before application of the paint system. Adequate time should be allowed in the haul out period as retained moisture in the timber will hinder optimal adhesion.

Below Waterline

Single Pack

Two Pack


Single Pack

Two Pack

Deck and Cockpit

Single Pack

Two Pack


Single Pack

Two Pack

Cabin Interior

Varnish Work

Exterior Varnish

Note: Transomarine Alpha Varnish is a moisture cured polyurethane, and is a hard wearing elastic finish. 


Note: 158 Hi Build Epoxy Primer

Use to fill and build a sound base on areas that are rough and require filling. Sand well between coats to obtain a smooth defect free surface.


Note: 905 Timber Preservative & Sealer

Description: Timber Preservative & Sealer is a 2 pack Epoxy Clear designed to harden and densify timber and seal out moisture.

Uses: Can be used on boat construction on all timber surfaces and also in repair and maintenance work.

Application: Timber Preservative & Sealer should be applied using multiple coats. The first coat thinned to 50% with 903 Brushing Thinner and the second and third coats thinned to 20 and 10% respectively. Where multiple coats are being applied allow only enough time for the prior coat to become tacky before next application. Timber Preservative & Sealer may be overcoated with single pack and two pack systems ensuring the last coat of sealer has been allowed to cure fully, sanded and thoroughly solvent wiped. Alternatively 938 Alpha Varnish or 381 Ultra Varnish may be applied to the same prepared surface. Please refer to product label for full specifications.