02.05 Transvinyl Tar Anticorrosive

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205 Transvinyl Tar Anticorrosive is a one pack vinyl tar anti-corrosive for use on the hull below the waterline under antifouling systems. Easy to apply, with excellent anti-corrosive qualities and because it dries by solvent evaporation only, can be used at low ambient temperatures. It can be overcoated by 2.71 Transomarine Longlife or 09.27 Cleanship AF500 Antifouling. Ideal for fishing boats.

  • Silver / brown satin finish.
  • For use on hulls below the waterline, under antifouling.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Made in NZ for NZ conditions.

Coverage approx. 4.4m²/L depending on surface texture, porosity and method of application.

Apply with brush, roller or spray, but airless spray is recommended.

Recoat minimum 12 hours.