04.21 Epoxy Resin

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421 Epoxy system specifically designed as a laminating and sheathing resin and a general purpose adhesive for the Marine, and other associated industries. With the latest developments in Epoxy technology the 4:1 system offers excellent wet out characteristics owing improved workability and deaeration. Ideally suited for use with fibreglass cloths this system provides a waterproof shield and superior protection of timber substrates.

  • Choice of summer or winter hardener.
  • Laminating & sheathing resin.
  • Suitable for use with fibreglass cloths and timber substrates.
  • Made in NZ for NZ conditions.

Coverage – Wetting coat over 200g (6oz) cloth-2m²/L, 2nd coat over 200g (6oz) cloth 6m²/L.

Recoat varies depending on winter or summer hardener and temperature, refer TDS for more info.