650 VHS 650°C Fire Proof Coating

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A single pack product based on a silicone modified synthetic resin. The latest development in silicone technology has enabled the introduction of a high build fireproof coating specifically formulated for use on furnaces, exhaust stacks, exhaust pipes, heaters, superchargers, chimneys, jet engine components as well as stoves and barbeques. VHS 650°C provides the best known protection against aggressive industrial and marine exposure conditions. VHS 650°C is fireproof withstanding continuous operation temperatures from zero to 450°C, and intermittent exposure in excess of 650°C Unlike ceramics the thermal elasticity of VHS will tolerate sudden dimensional change of substrate due to heat and cold shock. The high solids formulation ensures a one coat wet on.

  • Satin Black and Silver, Matt Black and Metallic Black available.
  • Also available in convenient 300ml aerosol cans – click here to view these.
  • Made in NZ for NZ conditions.

Coverage approx. 3.5m²/L @ 125 microns D.F.T. or 9m²/L @ 30 microns D.F.T.

Apply brush, roller or conventional air assisted spray.

Recoat not required .