730 Acriseal

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Acriseal is a specially formulated clear finish designed to highlight the natural colours in slate and natural stone. It can be used as a water repellent for bricks, cobblestones, paving, natural stone, fibrolite and other concrete products. Acriseal is suitable for use on both interior and exterior substrates. It may be used to seal driveways and concrete areas, including cobblestone paving slab, and exposed aggregate to stop penetration of oil, grease and dirt. Acriseal gives a “wet” darkened look for the substrate, and gives a low sheen finish.

Coverage Bricks, blocks, cobblestones, coloured stone: l-3m2/litre, Concrete drives, fibrolite, exposed aggregate: 4-6m2/litre, Slate: 5-7m2/litre.

Apply Acriseal is a thermoplastic, and will soften when exposed to heat. Do not use in areas subjected to intense heat. However, for large
areas the use of a roller, broom or low pressure spray is more practical.

Recoat in 1-2 hours.