756-910 Zinc Rich Cold Galvanised

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A single pack zinc rich anti-corrosive primer designed to provide a high performance coating for ferrous metals. Thin coats may be used as a shop prime, but heavier film thicknesses are recommended for longer term exposure. The product includes a suspension aid to avoid hard settlement in the can, and is supplied at a consistency suitable for brushing. With the high level of zinc, the electrical conductivity of the film is high, and zinc is sacrificed to prevent further corrosion of the iron surface. This process stabilises quickly, and any further sacrificial action is limited to the countering of corrosion due to the effects of mechanical damage. Zinc Rich Cold Galvanised is suitable for most aggressive environments, particularly when a finishing system of Duo Pack Polyurethane Undercoat and Topcoat is applied. When it is not top coated, it will weather well, but has limited resistance to strong acids or caustic alkaline agents. The binder is a very rapid drying single pack epoxy compound. The product will withstand temperatures of up to 150°C or 300°F.

  • Silver/grey matt finish.
  • High performing coating for ferrous metals.
  • Suitable for most aggressive environments.
  • Made in NZ for NZ conditions.

Coverage 10-12 m²/L @ 50 microns D.F.T.

Recoat minimum 1 hour, maximum 14 days.