779-000 Polyurethane Concrete Floor Seal

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A single pack moisture curing polyurethane pre-polymer. The pre-polymer converts to a tough flexible film over a wide range of temperatures and humidity after exposure in thin films for 6-8 hours. Primary use is as a membrane to control evaporation of moisture from the substrate of new concrete, and thus to increase strength. This membrane effect is of great importance, but the value of 779-Polyurethane Concrete Floor Seal as a sealer and binder of older concrete surfaces should not be under estimated as a coating will strengthen a dusting surface making it easier to keep clean, and reduce penetration of stains.

The type of industries which would benefit from this type of sealer:
Food preparation areas                      ease of cleaning
Printing plant floors                            non dusting
Automotive Engineering                    non dusting and non staining
Computer floors                                   Moisture control

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