790 / 791 Corroless RF60S (Series 525) Glass Reinforced Topcoat

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** New Formula ** product now comes in a 5L pack instead of a 4L pack.

Corroless RF60 Series 525  is a two component, polyurethane finish coat used in conjunction with Corroless Primers.

  • Custom tinting available in store.
  • Glass reinforced for extra abrasion resistance and increased impermeability.
  • Excellent gloss retention.
  • Excellent durability, flexibility and weathering properties.
  • Made in NZ for NZ conditions.

Coverage approx. 18m²/L  @ depending on surface texture, porosity and method of application.

Apply by brush, roller or airless spray.

Overcoating minimum 24 hours, maximum 7 days.

(Product recoded from A791 and A790)