A764 Corroless E – Rust Stabilising Primer

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Corroless E is a two component epoxy rust stabilising primer providing the ultimate in priming protection. For use under two pack RF topcoats. Applications include piping, cranes, mechanical equipment, bridges, railings, tank externals, aluminium hulls, and other structural steel.

  • Excellent adhesion characteristics.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Good working life.
  • Nato Stock Number: 0442-8030-99-021-4716.
  • Made in NZ for NZ conditions.

Coverage 12.5 m²/L @ 55 microns typical dry film thickness.

Apply with brush, roller or airless or conventional spray.

Recoat Alkyd paints 30 minutes 25°C – Single pack and two pack polyurethane and acrylic lacquers 6 to 8 hours.